Hey! Thanks for checking out my website & being curious enough to find out what TrainingRae is all About.

I’m a 26 year old Personal Fitness Trainer student from Edmonton, Canada with a passion for heath and fitness. Most importantly I’m driven by the changes a healthy lifestyle can bring to your spirit and quality of life. As someone who has personally overcome depression through wellness, I hope by sharing some  of my own experiences that I can inspire one person and encourage them to seek the same for themselves.

I was recently certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. This massive learning experience proved to me that I’ve chosen the right career path as I have found no greater joy in life that compares to helping someone overcome a chronic pain or injury that they thought they would have to suffer through for the rest of their lives.

I enjoy cooking and creating in the kitchen, trying out new workouts and fitness hacks, traveling, photography, fashion & film. If any of that interests you please subscribe and I’ll continue to try and provide content, tips & tricks that keep me motivated and entertained.

XO, Rae LaPlume