New Work, Gym, Hike, Bike & All Around BFF 💦 

Alright, I’ll admit – I’m a little late to the insulated water bottle party but Oh my god. My lovely boyfriend bought this gorgeous wood printed bottle for me while in Jasper, Alberta this past weekend and I cannot get over how well it works so I wanted to share the excitement. 

First & foremost If you’ve never been to Jasper it is important to know that this cozy mountain town houses a variety of Indigenous artwork, products and a general pride in Canada’s roots and its story. We stumbled upon Our Native Land, an art gallery and store after an amazing brunch across the street at O’shea’s and it was nearly impossible to choose a souvenir throughout all of the incredible designs. As a proud Metis I’m always looking to support Indigenous artists and creators to keep their culture alive and thriving especially if it credits such artists as this gallery does.

 Of course, Ive always wanted a Swell branded bottle but honestly, I’m frugal as can be and spending the money on one just wasn’t in the cards for me. Luckily, this art gallery sold their own versions at a much much cheaper price.

 This particular brand of bottle is made by Native Northwest a Vancouver brand that features aboriginal artwork which has been in production since 1982. The art feautured on this bottle was designed by Tsimshian artist Terry Starr from Vancouver, B.C and is called Dancing Eagle. On top of being beautifully made, this bottle works. I know, I know, it’s supposed to. But I’m a believe it when I see type of person and now I’ve seen it. 

Last night I filled my new bff with water and a few ice cubes around 11pm & right now as I’m writing this post over 12 hours later it’s still cold. Game changer.

Like most people, I’m always looking for ways to drink more water, build good habits & enjoy staying hydrated. Maybe it’s a bit shallow but similarly to how great it feels to go to the gym in a new outfit, this bottle is so cute that the novelty of it makes me want to carry it around a little more. Definitely more than my now seemingly boring clear plastic Nalgene bottle that just ain’t cutting it or keeping my drank cool enough anymore. 

Although I’d definitely recommend stopping by Our Native Land in Jasper to pick up this beauty of a bottle, and to check out all of the amazing jewellery and artwork – it is available for purchase here – for just a few dollars more than I found it this weekend with support still credited to the fantastic artist. 

If you’d like to check out more artwork by Terry Star check out his website or his bio on Native Northwests  Website 


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