Recruit Those Glutes 

I have to say, I’m pretty excited that the glutes are having their moment in the fitness industry right now. Squats and hip thrusters are all over social media and it’s giving me all of the feels because I’ve been pretty blessed in that department for a while now and but I’m always looking for ways to keep my lower body looking and feeling better than ever && you know….

I’m all about that 🍑 work.

A few years ago in a group fitness class I discovered the magic that is banding! I felt my lower body workout for days because I was finally using the right muscles while moving.

Resistance banding is a great, and slightly torturous way to recruit and activate those stubborn glutes! This is especially good if you’re someone who feels your squats more in your quads or hamstrings rather than your glutes. Try a few sets of side shuffles, low seated front and backwards shuffles with bands above the knees & around the ankles before your next set. Also! if you’re someone who has trouble keeping your knees from falling inwards while squatting – continue your warm up & working squat sets with the band just above your knees to keep you focused on not letting your knees fall inwards and pushing your knees slightly outwards.

Trust me – you’ll feel these ones after!


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